App Questions about Mobiliti

What do I need to download the Mobiliti application?

To download the Mobiliti application, you must:

  • •    Have an Internet Banking at Healthcare Plus FCU account.
  • •    Have a mobile phone that supports downloaded applications.
  • •    Have a wireless data plan with your mobile service carrier.
  • •    Register for Mobiliti and select the downloadable app.

Mobiliti is optimized for iPhones, BlackBerries, and many other types of phones. However, some carriers don't support application downloads to certain types of phones. If you have any problems downloading Mobiliti, check with your carrier to make sure it is supported on your phone.


How do I download Mobiliti to my phone?

For BlackBerries and most other phones, you can download Mobiliti directly to your phone. During registration we send you a link to download the app. Click the link to initiate the download. When the download is complete, you'll go to the Login page. You'll also see Mobiliti on your launch page.


How do I download Mobiliti to my iPhone?

During registration, we send you a unique link to the App Store where you can download Touch Banking. If you find Touch Banking in the App Store without attempting to register, the download won't work.
Download Touch Banking as you would any other application from the App Store. After you download and install the application, we send you a text message with an activation link. Click the link to launch the application and go to the Login page.


I can't find my link to download Mobiliti. What should I do?

If you can't find the message that we sent during registration with the download link for Mobiliti, you can request another message. Go to the My Phones page in online banking, find the phone number, and select the option Download the application.


When I click the link to download Mobiliti nothing happens. What should I do?

Every mobile phone and mobile network is different, so you may not be able to download Mobiliti to your phone. If you're having trouble, contact your mobile service carrier to make sure your phone supports application downloads.


More information about Mobiliti:

NCUA insured to at least $250,000