Fees & Services
This Fee & Services Schedule for all accounts sets forth certain fees and charges applicable to your regular share and share draft accounts at Healthcare Plus Federal Credit Union and is incorporated as part of your account agreement.
The rate and fees in this schedule are subject to change. The list below is effective as of Jan. 1, 2016.
The following fees may be assessed in connection with your accounts:
ACH Fee, one time
ACH origination returned
(deposited or applied toward loan)
ATM/Debit Card Fee
ATM/Debit & Visa Card Replacement
Account Reconciliation Fee
Annual IRA Fee
Cashier’s Check Fee
Check Cashing Fee
(unless $25 balance or
two services used)
Dormant Fee
Draft Copy Fee
Certificate Early Redemption Penalty
30–60 day penalty dependent
upon terms of certificate
Extension Fee (Deferment)
Fax (incoming/outgoing)
Foreign ATM Fee
In house Refinance Fee
(to a lower rate)
Lien Fee
Loan Application Fee
Money Order Fee
Multiple Advance Fee
Overdraft Item Fee
Overdraft Share Transfer Fee
Photocopy Fee
Regulation D Violation
Returned Check
(deposited or applied toward loan)
Returned Item Fee
Statement History Fee
Stop Payment Fee
Unauthorized EFT Return Fee
VISA Balance Transfer Fee
(1% of transfer amount or $5,
whichever is greater and max of $100)
VISA Gift Card
VISA TravelMoney Card Fee
Reload VISA TravelMoney Card Fee
Wire Transfer Fee (domestic)
Wire Transfer Fee (international)
Safe Deposit Boxes:
     Security Deposit






NCUA insured to at least $250,000